Las Vegas Underground Construction - Health and Safety

For a copy of our Safety and Health Policy please refer to our Confidential Information section.

Our company is committed to uphold safety standards conducting its operations in as safe and efficient manner as possible.  We provide a healthy and safe environment for all of our employees in tandem with education and training.   We place great emphasis to meet or exceed compliance with local, state and national regulations and standards. Our mindset is "Safety First"!

Training continually emphasizes a safety conscious workforce.  Training and education instills the value and the benefits of working safely. We integrate our work and safety policies with that of our clients and vendors in coordination with their employees; to focus on personal safety, and respect for the safety of their property and equipment.

Safety awareness is a constant at all times within our organization.  Our employees instill this culture and attitude in our operations, with one another and with our clients.   Everyone at Las Vegas Underground Construction, LLC is fully committed to safety, safety awareness and to create a workplace free of personal injuries.

We believe that to be safe we must think safe, act safe and work safe!   Respecting the safety of everyone and the value of such conduct requires that we constantly raise awareness through education by observing established safety policies.

By working in a “safety awareness” culture, we enhance production for successful project completion for Las Vegas Underground Construction, LLC and our valued clients.